1. Bootihole turned 5 today!


  2. First time! 😱 (at Fentons Creamery)


  3. First time! 😱 (at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®)


  4. TIME TO GRUB! 😱 (at Guppy Teahouse)


  5. Haven’t had Potato Corner in YEARS! 😭❤️ (at Los Cerritos Shopping Center Parking (Nordstrom))


  6. at Johnny Cupcakes


  7. First time! (at Milk)


  8. Bruh I’m peaking (at World of Color)


  9. Here again! Lol! (at Disney California Adventure)


  10. Hella tired from delays but I AM HEEEEYYAAAAAA (at John Wayne Airport, Orange County)


  11. FINALLY OMG. 😭 (at San Jose International Airport (SJC))


  12. Delay after delay bruh… 😒 (at San Jose International Airport (SJC))


  13. #R6 Thanks for the footage @aznboi305!


  14. So proud of you @toophancy! Congratulations!


  15. Haven’t seen @mvrbee in helluh long! 😱