1. With the fam bam! (at San Tung Chinese Restaurant)


  2. Yey new video coming out tmr! :3 Link will be in zee bio!


  3. When the right things aren’t adding up in your life, start subtracting the wrong things.


  4. That feeling where you really don’t know what to do with your life anymore.


  5. Life has been very interesting.


  6. What a huge mess I’m in. 😤


  7. Most of the time it’s good to fly solo.


  8. I need to defragmentate and consolidate.


  9. I know.


  10. The point is not to be discouraged, because there will always be room for improvement.


  11. TRU.


  12. It’s a good time to get a different hairstyle.


  13. Currently deciding if I should stay in bed and try to fall asleep, or get out of bed and warm me up a hot pocket.

    These life altering decisions yo.


  14. I remember back in early 2010 I had a crush on this girl from Tumblr named Lisa. I think her tumblr was like lisasaysitslegit or something but omg.

    I drove 3 hours just to meet her and that was the first and last time I ever did. Lol. :T

    It was so weird meeting a person from the internet back then but hey, I mean it’s more prominent now with Instagram, Tinder, plus many others being pretty popular now.

    Anyways, I hope she’s just doing fine. She was a really sweet person, and I’m sure if any one knows who I’m talking about, would agree with me too.


  15. I’m never ever going to feel the same.