1. I accidentally walked into the womens bathroom and saw blood on the toilet seat and a leftover tampon.

    All this time I thought mens bathrooms were disgusting.


  2. Oops.

    So I was having lunch with a friend that’s apparently adopted. (Note that this is pretty much the first time I’ve ever had lunch with her cause I recently just met her actually.) ¬†She pretty much tells me how she doesn’t know who her parents were - her mom was said to be a drug addict and the father is unknown.

    Anyhow, she tells me how such a party animal she is that she loves going to EDM events, bar hopping, etc. She brings up the notion that apparently hella guys try to get at her frequently both during the night life scene and day to day basis. Why? She tells me cause she gotta bigass booty.

    She does have a big booty lol.

    Anyhow long story short I was pretty much giving more attention towards my food (cause I was hungry after spinning class) and I accidentally said, “Oh you must have good genes, did you get it from from your Mom or Dad?”

    She responded, “I actually don’t know myself. I’m adopted.”

    …fuck lol.


  3. I’ve been playing League of Legends omfg. lol


  4. Finally starting something new.


  5. Buster


  6. I’ll never stop liking this girl.


  7. San Francisco’s The Old Mint



  9. My attraction towards non-asian women is slowly rising.


  10. Dad taking hella long on the toilet and I know damn well he’s done taking a shit and is just playing Scrabble on his iPhone.


  11. I want to experience Seoul’s Night Life.


  12. :D


  13. I remember back in high school before class started, I would get up and sharpen my pencil with the pencil sharpener screwed onto the cabinet lol.

    And all the younger teachers had electric pencil sharpeners…



  14. Got my Square Ready swiper thingy for my iPhone/iPad.

    Can’t wait to sell my body.

    I’m jk.

    But imagine that. I wonder if there’s some high tech hookers out there selling their services or whatever. Once they’re done doing their thang, the hooker would be like, “I accept cash or credit baby. That includes Visa & MasterCard”

    Like goddamn haha


  15. So like this girl I was talkin to before now has a boyfriend.. does this mean I can hit on her best friend now onaw.

    Lol jk