1. Sometimes I like being alone because there’s no other variable that can change an outcome other than yourself.


  2. The best professor I’ve ever had would be Dr. Masare from Skyline College.

    Everyday I look forward into attending his class at eight in the morning because I consider him as one the most influential people in my life. Whether if I had a full night’s sleep the night before, or if I didn’t have any at all, I would always look forward into sitting in his class and listen to him speak. It’s probably weird to say this, but I’ve never even had one conversation with him either. (Mainly because I would never want to stop him speak his words of wisdom.)

    I consider him the best because he even waits for a student to come back from leaving the room so he/she wouldn’t miss a thing he would teach or talk about. He’s definitely one of the people I respect the most too, because he always gives us life long lessons everyday near the end of class to think about and apply to our daily lives. I respect people who give me guidance because it puts me in a better position to handle various situations in my life.

    He is surely a professor to take not only for his teaching ethics, but for how much he cares about his students. This may or may not be the same in other people’s eyes, but for me, he’s undoubtedly the best.

    & I quote,

    "When life is ‘falling apart’ it could be actually falling together, maybe for even the very first time. Which is why it feels so uncomfortable."


  3. Things change, people change, but you will always be you.


  4. If all thoughts come from the mind, why does the heart ache?


  5. The Weeknd - Twenty Eight

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  7. It sucks when everything feels so different, who are you to blame?


  8. Like a shaken’d up coke bottle.


  9. Love is something you can’t reimburse.


  10. Don’t expect anything from anyone, because expectations that are not fulfilled gives you pain.

    When you get something without expecting it, it gives you an amazing amount of joy.


  11. The best people in my life, are the ones that created me.

    I tend to keep my emotions to myself as I don’t want anyone to have even the slightest sorrow upon me. I feel it’s so unnecessary to bring other people down from what’s going on regarding one’s self. There’s always a limit though, on how much you can keep your emotions inside which is always bound to break.

    Whenever such events happen for me, I always try to further keep it to myself. I try to think about every possible situation on why such event happened and how it effects me. Seems reasonable, but in actuality it kills me inside. I tend to over-think about everything, and I start to question people’s credibility.

    It already happened a couple times, and I hate such agonizing feeling. Today, I’m just so surprised on who is the one person I always end up talking to, and it’s my Dad.

    It’s so hard to talk to him for me because he is so good with his words. The moment he starts to try to comfort me regarding my situations, I always start to break down and cry. Everything he says just makes so much sense, and I wouldn’t know what I’d do without him. No one else has that effect on me, which is why I truly love my Dad so much.


  12. Your whole life can change for the better over night.

    Although it can change for the worst too.



  13. Sometimes all you need is some alone time.


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  15. Thinking about the things you’ve could’ve done, are one of the things that can really kill you inside.