1. Imagine if you were an astronaut and everyone back on Earth just blew each other up with nuclear bombs.

    Wth would you do lmao.


  2. Most people people fear death because they don’t know it, or they know the wrong things about it.


  3. If this chick tells me why I’m being butt hurt off of $10 I’m going to be so furious lol.

    First of all, you borrowed something from me that has some sort of value. Meaning, you need to return it.

    Plus, if you saw $10 on the floor would say tell yourself, “It’s just $10” and leave it!?




  4. I don’t care if you owe me $100, $50, $20, or even $5.

    If you say you’ll pay me back, THEN PAY ME BACK.



  5. @michelleeechinn’s first time on a motorcycle today who just came back from UOP! 😱


  6. Hiking! Again! 10 miles! 😱


  7. Cool day today!


  8. Who dat!?


  9. Here again lmao 💪


  10. Seems like most of us are making really bad financial decisions.


  11. Quick video edit of today! #monterey #bay #aquarium #montereybayaquarium


  12. Monterey Bay Aquarium with the family! 😱 #monterey #bay #aquarium #montereybayaquarium


  13. Breaking BoundariezZzZzZz coming SOON to theaters near you! 😄😁


  14. Mission Peak! 💪 (at Mission Peak Summit)


  15. Who’s ready to break some boundaries!? 🎥😬